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The event starts at 20:00 GMT on Feb. 13, 2015 and lasts for 6 days.


During day of reverence and celebration , jealous forces have invaded the land attempting to usurp the kingdom and ruin the party

Defend against the forces of Morgana and collect Cupid Arrows for your chance to claim fabulous riches!Be on the look out for the enemy boss Morgana the Young and prepare yourself for a difficult showdown! Defeat this powerful foe for a chance to gain her allegiance as well as recruit many many other new exciting Heroes!

Equip the following cards to help increase the amount of Cupid Arrows you can find while defending the castle against these Part Crashers:

Evolve your cards for even greater bonuses!

  • Tier 2 cards grant 2X
  • Tier 3 cards grant 5X
  • Tier 4 cards grant 12X

Confront Morgana the Young on Easy or Hard mode for a chance to earn his allegiance! The more times you defeat this boss the greater the chances you'll hace of acquiring him! Be warned however, this challenge is not for the faint of heart.


Upon entering Fields of Battle you see the Menu options and your personal scoreboard/rank. You are given 2 choices in which you face different levels of Morgana the Young.

You have a chance to win a Morgana the Young boss card on both Easy and Hard levels

  • Hard requires 20 stamina points per turn but yields better rewards.
  • Easy requires 10 stamina points per turn. You see Tier 1 artwork for Morgana the Young.


Exploring Loot


Cost: 20 stamina

  • 1x, 2x, 5x, or 10x Cupid Arrow(s)
  • 1x Summon Stone


Cost: 10 stamina

  • 1x Summon Stone
  • 1x Cupid Arrow
  • 1x Arena Ticket
  • Brown Donkey
  • Grey Mule

Possible Chest Outcome