Golden Caverns is a limited time only city that occurred in October 2014. Golden Caverns lasts for seven days.


Excavators in the western mountains have uncovered caves filled with riches! The Golden Caverns shimmer day or night , and natural golden ore is ripe for mining. But something more sinister lurks in the Golden Caverns: A viscous seven-headed beast. Be wary of this foul creature, for its temper is legendary, and it's breath is fiery.

Take on Golden Galzra and the Golden Caverns now for a chance to win fantastic prizes! Collect Golden Fangs and bring them to Merlin to help win the best of rewards.

Equip the following cards to help increase Golden Fang findings while exploring the Golden Caverns.

Evolve your cards for even greater bonuses!

  • Tier 2 cards grant 2x
  • Tier 3 cards grant 5x
  • Tier 4 cards grant 12x

Confront Golden Galzra, on Hard for a chance to earn his allegiance! The more times you defeat him, the greater the chance of acquiring him! But be careful, for he can strike a nasty blow!

Golden Caverns Battles

Upon entering Golden Caverns you see the Menu options and your personal scoreboard/rank. You are given 2 choices in which you face different levels of Golden Galzra.

Only in Hard, you have a chance to win a Golden Galzra boss card.

  • Hard requires 30 stamina points per turn but yields better rewards. You see Tier 4 artwork for Golden Galzra
  • Easy requires 10 stamina points per turn. You see Tier 1 artwork.


Exploring Loot


Cost: 30 stam


Cost: 10 stam

Boss Loot

Difficulty Fang Cards
Easy 10~ Dire Bear, Giant Eagle, Giant Boar, Quillbeast, War Hound, 1x Ticket, 1x Stamina Potion
Hard 20~40~ Golden GalzraDire BearAlpha Stag, Giant EagleCockatrice, Grey Mule, 5x Ticket, 1x Summon Stone,

Rank Awards


Reward Ladder

  • 250 - 1x Summon Stone
  • 500 - 1x Summon Stone
  • 1000 - 2x Stamina Potions
  • 2500 - 1x Brown Donkey
  • 5000 - 1x Summon Stone
  • 7500 - 1x Grey Mule
  • 10000 - 4x Summon Stones
  • 15000 - 4x Mana Potions
  • 25000 - 1x Summon Stone
  • 35000 - 1x Grey Mule
  • 49000 - 8x Summon Stones
  • 60000 - 12x Mana Potions
  • 250000 - 1x Golden Galzra

Possible Chest Rewards

  • Golden Galzra
  • Megion
  • Ruibh the wyrm
  • Dragon Caller
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Rock Dragonaire
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