Special Halloween edition card 2015

A scary Wandering Spirit, able to haunt and gruesomely carnaging his victims from inside their worst nightmares!

Although he is completely unbreakable and almighty in his "dream world", he loves to perform terrific "fights" with his victims, giving them some hope of escape, but he always ends enjoying a nice guts'n blood showdown! The only counter against him is awakening or avoiding to fall asleep.

Combos Edit

GruesomeCravings Gruesome Cravings: Passive - Increase Skill Proc by 17%.

NightmareSowers Nightmare Sowers: Reduce enemy party Skill Proc by 8%.

VillainsOfCamelot Villains of Camelot: Passive - Increase ATK by 200% and Max HP by 100%.

ProwlingNightstalkers Prowling Nightstalkers: Reduce enemy team's Skill Proc by 15%


Note : See Evolution Methods for clarification of Evolves

Evolve Tier 1 LV 70 (HP-ATK) Tier 2 LV 80 (HP-ATK) Tier 3 Lv 90 (HP-ATK) Tier 4 Lv 110 (HP-ATK)
8 Card Perfect - 53168



4 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
Speed -
Enhanced Speed -
Efficient -

5 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
T3 PE + T1 Max -
T3 Max + T2 PE -

6 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
Enhanced Speed -
Sub Perfect -
Sub Max -

7 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
T3 PE + T3 Max -

8 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
Enhanced Speed -
Sub Max -

Photo GalleryEdit

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