After fighting with the 5 mana farm deck we need to build a second team.

Father Maleficent & Necros the GrimEdit

Father Maleficent1 & Necros the Grim1

Create a shield on this card's team. (10 Mana)      Create a strong shield on this card's team but reduces ATK. (12 Mana)

Obtaining the cards of the first two city bosses  will give us a way to save your team with a shield and a chance to Cultists revive with 50% HP upon death.

Necros the Grim has the better shield (amount of absorption) and the lowered ATK is minimal. To make sure Necros' shield procs before Father Mal, put the card furthest to the left in the team (see example below).

How to combineEdit

I prefer a good Healer with this combo, like Fenric or a Water Elemental , but for the first u can use Taal.

Screenshot 2014-05-09-21-45-03

My Team with Fenric and Water Elemental using 36 Mana.

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