After Selene and Alden sealed the Shiverheart´s prison, the Shaman stayed with the Vampire Queen of Snow and her brethren, learning from their magic and teaching them about potions and hand combat.

Eventually he fell in love with her, and he gave her a beautiful and sweet child named Eira. She was not a vampire like her mother, but she inherited her beauty, strength, longevity and resilience, and also was blessed with Alden´s power over Lightning... a power she was not so able to control when she was young, earning her the nickname of "Eira Storm".


Chain Lightning : Damage and reduce ATK of enemy party


ThundersFury Thunder's Fury : Remove 50% of enemy team's current HP.


Note : See Evolution Methods for clarification of Evolves

Evolve Tier 1 LV 40 (HP/ATK) Tier 2 LV 50 (HP/ATK) Tier 3 Lv 60 (HP/ATK) Tier 4 Lv 80 (HP/ATK)
8 Card Perfect 10689/2320 16963/4458 21542/6587 -
Evolve Tier 1 LV 42 (HP/ATK) Tier 2 LV 52 (HP/ATK) Tier 3 Lv 62 (HP/ATK) Tier 4 Lv 82 (HP/ATK)
Over-Leveled 8 Card Perfect (2 Levels) - - - -

4 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
Speed -
Enhanced Speed -
Efficient -

5 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
T3 PE + T1 Max -
T3 Max + T2 PE -

6 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
Enhanced Speed -
Sub Perfect -
Sub Max -

7 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
T3 PE + T3 Max -

8 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
Enhanced Speed -
Sub Max -

Photo GalleryEdit

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