Daily Quests are available to do every day. To see what quest you have available to do click the event banner at the top of the main screen, then go to Daily Quests and click Go Now. The number of quests you start off with is one and you have the option to change the quest once by clicking refresh. You can gain more quests to do per day, along with additional refreshes, by becoming Grail Knights and advancing up in the Grail Knight levels. You can only do and claim the additional quests while you maintain your status as a Grail Knight. Go to the Grail Knights page to learn more about becoming a Grail Knight.

Most quests consists of multiple levels ranging from 1-6 using Roman Numerals. These types of quests grow in requirement as well as reward with each level.

Quests currently involve:

  • Arenas - Ranking, Fighting, Winning
  • Collections - Tickets, Cards, Potions
  • Enhancing
  • Evolving
  • Exploring
  • Using - Potions
  • Wandering Boss Fights

Arena Quests

Arena Competitor

Goal: Fight in any Arena ____ times.

Quest Rarity Quest Level Times Reward
Common I 5 DQ-arenaCompetitor1-Reward.PNG
Common II 10 DQ-arenaCompetitor2-Reward.PNG
Common III 30 DQ-arenaCompetitor3-Reward.PNG
Common IV 50 DQ-arenaCompetitor4-Reward.PNG
Common V 80 DQ-arenaCompetitor5-Reward.PNG
Common VI 100 Arena-Competitor-6-Reward.PNG

Arena Vanquisher

Goal: Win in any Arena battle ____ times.

Quest Rarity Quest Level Times Reward
Common I
Common II 10 Mm.jpg
Common III 30 DQ-arenaVanquisher3-Reward.PNG
Common IV 50 DQ-arenaVanquisher4-Reward.PNG
Common V 80 Arena-Vanquisher-5-Reward.png
Common VI 100 DQ-arenaVanquisher6-Reward.PNG

Champion Road

Goal: Achieve Rank ____ in any Arena.

Quest Rarity Quest Level Rank Reward
Common I 10 DQ-championRoad1-Reward.PNG
Common II 5 Champion-Road-2-Reward.png
Common III 3 DQ-championRoad3-Reward.PNG
Common IV 2 Champion-Road-4-Reward.PNG
Common V 1 DQ-championRoad5-Reward.PNG
Common VI

Collection Quests

Acquire Mana Potions

Goal: Collect Mana Potions ____ times.

Quest Rarity Times Reward
Uncommon 10 DQ-Acquire-Mana-Potion-Reward.PNG

Acquire Stamina Potions

Goal: Collect Stamina Potions ____ times.

Quest Rarity Times Reward
Uncommon 10 Acquire-Stamina-Potion-Reward.PNG

Arena Preparation

Goal: Collect ____ Arena tickets.

Quest Rarity Quest Level Quantity Reward
Common I 20 DQ-arenaPreparation1-Reward.PNG
Common II 50 DQ-arenaPreparation2-Reward.PNG
Common III
Common IV
Common V
Common VI

Full of Followers

Goal: Collect ____ __-star card(s).

Quest Rarity Quest Level Quantity Stars Reward
Common I
Common II
Common III 2 3 DQ-fullOfFollowers3-Reward.PNG
Common IV
Common V 1 5 DQ-fullOfFollowers5-Reward.PNG
Common VI 1 6 Full-of-Followers-6-Reward.PNG

Enhancing Quests

Power Break

Goal: Enhance a __-star card _____ times.

Quest Rarity Quest Level Stars Times Reward
Common I Any 5 DQ-Power-Break-1-Reward.PNG
Common II Any 10 DQ-Power-Break-2-Reward.PNG
Common III 3 10 DQ-Power-Break-3-Reward.PNG
Common IV 4 10 DQ-Power-Break-4-Reward.PNG
Common V 5 10 DQ-Power-Break-5-Reward.PNG
Common VI 6 10 Power-Break-6-Reward.png

Evolving Quests


Goal: Evolve a __-start card ____ times.

Quest Rarity Quest Level Stars Times Reward
Common I 1 1 DQ-Evolution-1-Reward.PNG
Common II
Common III 3 1 Evolution-3-Reward.png
Common IV 4 1 Evolution-4-Reward.png
Common V 5 1 DQ-Evolution-5-Reward.PNG
Common VI 6 1 DQ-Evolution-6-Reward.PNG

Exploring Quests

Explore the ________ Area

Goal: Explore ______ ____ times.

Quest Rarity City Times Reward
Super Rare Avalon 20 Explore-Avalon-Reward.png
Super Rare Broceliande 20 Explore-Broceliande-Reward.PNG
Super Rare Glastonbury 20 DQ-Explore-Glastonbury-Reward.PNG
Ultra Rare Huntington 20 DQ-Explore-Huntington-Reward.PNG
Super Rare Lyonesse 20 Explore-Lyonesse-Reward.PNG
Super Rare Salisbury 20 DQ-Explore-Salisbury-Reward.PNG
Super Rare Sand Storm 20 Explore-SandStorm-Reward.png
Super Rare Silchester 20 DQ-Explore-Silchester-Reward.PNG
Super Rare Southport 20 DQ-Explore-Southport-Reward.PNG
Super Rare Tintagel 20 Explore-Tintagel-Reward.PNG

Usage Quests

Use Stamina Potion

Goal: Use Stamina Potion ____ times.

Quest Rarity Times Reward
Rare 10 DQ-Use-Stamina-Potion-Reward.PNG

Wandering Boss Quests

Punish ________

Goal: Defeat the wandering _______ ____ times.

Quest Rarity Boss Times Reward
Ultra Rare Balzathor 5 Punish-Balzathor-Reward.png
Black Knight
Ultra Rare Desdemona 5 DQ-Punish-Desdemona-Reward.PNG
Rare Father Maleficent 5 DQ-Punish-Father-Maleficent-Reward.PNG
Super Rare Fenric Gore-Claw 5 DQ-Punish-Fenric-Reward.PNG
Ultra Rare Gravebane 5 Punish-Gravebane-Reward.png
Ultra Rare Karn 5 DQ-Punish-Karn-Reward.PNG
Ultra Rare Morbius the Cursed 5 DQ-Punish-Morbius-Reward.PNG
Super Rare Necros the Grim 5 Punish-Necros-Reward.png

Restrain ________

Goal: Defeat the wandering ______ ____ times.

Quest Rarity Boss Times Reward
Super Rare Terraheart 10 Restrain-Terraheart-Reward.png

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