Heroes of Camelot Wiki

Regular Chests

Chest Icon Source Possible Outcome
6* Mystery Box Arena Arial, Myrddin, Druantia, Galzra, Green Knight, Hope, Ironbark Overlord, Kel Earthbringer, King's Guard, Rhiannon the Fair, Mara of the Sand, Sir Galahad, Totem Guard, Treehound, Vambrael, Veteran Paladin, Weapon Master, White Knight, Golden Rhiannon, Golden Galzra
6* Prize Box Gems Vambrael Fallen, Twilight Arbiter, Hugues de Payns, Lapis Knight, Rhiannon the Fair
Air Chest / Arena Hope, Vambrael, Ben-nu Skyborn, Caradd the Gale, Fairy Dragon, Chang'e, Cockatrice, Gryphon, Giant Eagle
Armory Chest Event (Siege on Camelot) Arthur Pendragon, Mordred, Loholt Chainwail, Tristan, Gawain's Guard, Galahad the Pure, Court Magician, Time Wizard, Guinevere, 2x Summon Stone, 5x Stamina Potion, 5x Mana Potion
Arthur's Armoy KnightsAndRidersChest.png Gems 6* card, 3x Mana Potion, 3x Stamina Potion, 1x Summon Stone
August Chest of Chests 99 Gems Up to x30 of one of these chests: Caped Crusader Chest, Conclave Chest, Dominant Dames Chest, Ghula Djinn Chest, Mordred's Makeup Chest, Wolf's Pack Chest, Traitor Treasure Chest
Caped Cruzaders Chest 140 Gems Mordred, Lancelot The Young, Caelia of the Fells, Culhwch, Granite Guardian, Sir Percival, Arthur the Young, War, King's Guard, Lapis Knight, Green Knight, Vortigern, Hugues de Payns, Megion, 5x Morgana's Make Up Chest
Chest of Chests Arena/Gems 2x to 20x chests that were being sold that month
Chest of Revenge Event (Return to the Graveyard) Vambrael Fallen, Balin the Savage, Twilight Arbiter
Conclave Chest 119 Gems 1x - 2x of these cards: Mordred, Vambrael Fallen, Juicifer, Valrakk the Scorched, Yzabel the Fallen, Dragon Enchantressor 20x-100x: Stamina/Mana Potion, Summon Stones
Coral Chest Event (Underwater Hunt) Vambrael Fallen, Ogrim Deepbrawler, Skullflayer Shinobi, Juicifer, Balzathor, Sorrowful Swordsman, Dawnstrike Purifier, Flametruth AvengerBloodstained Virtuoso, Hatebound Crusader, Haunt, Harbor Guard, 1x Summon Stone, 1x Mana Potion, 1x Stamina Potion
Crack Knights Chests Gems 1x - 3x of Lapis Knight, Green Knight, White Knight, King's Guard, SS, mana pots
Demonic Temporal Chest Gems Juicifer, Icemaw, Death, War, Famine, Pestilence, Bloodstained Virtuoso, Karn, up to 10x Summon Stones, Endurance Potion
Dominant Dames 75 Gems Igraine, Wraith-Kin Matron, Laucine Gemweaver, Morgana the Young, Twilight Arbiter,Olwen, Caelia of the Fells, Rhiannon the Fair, Mara of the Sand, Arial, Premium Shard Chest, Mastery Ascension Chest, Premium Soul Chest
Doom Chest DoomChest.png Arena/Gems Death, War, 15x Summon Stones, 15x Stamina Potions, 15x Mana Potions
Dragon Chest 65 Gems Valrakk the Scorched, Icemaw, Dragon Enchantress, Fairy Dragon, 5x Summon Stones, 5x Stamina Potions, 5x Mana Potions
Earth Chest EarthChest.png Arena Mara of the Sand, Kel Earthbringer, Earth Mother, Ageless Scorpion, Terraheart, Blessing Stone, Sun Mage, Marble Guardian, Lord Stonebrand
Elite Chest Arena Arial, Drust Mac Erp, Galzra, Rhiannon the Fair, Sir Galahad, Totem Guard, Vambrael, Arial's Champion, Primal Rider, Stone Fist, 3x Makeup Chest
Flames Chest FlamesChest.png Arena Ben-nu Hellborn, Vambrael, Ben-nu Fireborn, Balzathor, Flame Witch, Fire Elemental, Battlemage, Soulbane
FM Mystery Box WoodenChest.png Arena Death, Lapis Knight, Sir Percival, Soul Cage, Veteran Paladin, Broom, Crimson Dragonaire, Vortigern, 4* card (random), 4* Mystery Box, 10xSummon Stones, 10xStamina Potions, 10xMana Potions
Forgotten Chest Event (Forgotten Graveyard) Vambrael Fallen, Twilight Arbiter, Balin the Savage, Khufu, Khafra, Gaznar Soulripper, Necro Rider, Necros the Grim, Catigern, Trahern, Modron, Stamina Potions, Mana Potions, Summon Stones
Frozen Friends Chest Frozen Friends Chest.png 39 Gems Ice Overlord, Shiverheart, St Christmas, Snow Man, Summon Stones
Furious Adversaries 99 Gems Maelgwn Pendragon, Loholt Chainwail, Valrakk the Scorched, 2x-200x Summon Stones, 25x-200x Stamina Potions, 25x-200x Mana Potions
Ghula Djinn's Chest 99 Gems Ghula Djinn, Arthur Pendragon, Arthur the Young, Lancelot the Young, Skullflayer Shinobi, Juicifer, Ogrim Deepbrawler, 2x-200x Summon Stones, 25x-200x Stamina Potions, 25x-200x Mana Potions
Golden Slaughter Chest Gems Golden War, War, Gwar, Godfrey One-Arm, up to x50 Bravery Tokens
Grail Treasure 50 Gems King Pellinore, 5x-100x Summon Stones, 5x-100x Endurance Potions, 15x-100x Mana Potions, 15x-100x Stamina Potions
Granite Chest Gems Granite Guardian, Kel Earthbringer, Lord Stonebrand, Marble Guardian, Summon Stones, Mana Potions, Stamina Potions
Great * Chest Gems Arthur Pendragon, Mordred, Random 6* card
Haunted Chest Arena

DeathSoul Cage,  Ossion the DreadJezebel the ShriekGaznar Soulripper, Balzathor, Bourgard, Haunt

Hellfire Chest Gems Vambrael Fallen, Valrakk the Scorched, Soul Cage, Morgana the Young, Famine, Morbius the Cursed, Nightmare, The Butcher, Soulbane, 1x Endurance Potion
June Chest of Chests Gems up to x20 of one of these chests: Merlin's Makeup Chest, Trial of Ordalia Mystery Chest, The Elite Chest, Golden Slaughter Chest, Twin Souls, Tower Endurance Chest
July Chest of Chests 69 Gems Up to x20 of one of these chests: Conclave Chest, Caped Crusader Chest, Wolf's Pack Chest, Paralysing Cloverleaf, Mordred's Makeup Chest, Trial of Ordalia Mystery Chest (not featured in the description), Twin Souls (bugged: did not drop)
King's Chest Event (Forgotten King's Return) Uther Pendragon, Igraine, Arthur Pendragon, Tristan, Keeper of the Glade, Moonlight Berserker, Lunar Disciple, Court Magician, Time Wizard, Defiled Hippogriff, Ascension Shard, Ascencion Stones, 2x Summon Stone
Knights and Riders Chest KnightsAndRidersChest.png Gems Megion, Golden Galahad, Sir Percival, Summon Stones, Potions
Lovely Lady Chest Gems Rhiannon the Fair, Mara of the Sand, Druantia, Arial
Makeup Chest Arena/Gems 6* Card (random), Up to 100x Summon Stones, 15x Stamina Potions, 15x Mana Potions
March Chest of Chests Arena up to 20 of these chests: Doom Chest, Dragon Chest, Summon Stone Chest
Merlin's Makeup Chest 45 Gems 6* Card (random), Up to 250x Summon Stones, Up to 100x Stam Potions, Up to 100x Mana Potions
Mordred's Makeup Chest Gems Mordred, 6* Card (random), up to 200x Summon Stones, Up to 200x Spirit Potions, up to 200x Vigor Potions, Endurance Potions
Morgana's Makeup Chest Gems 6* Card (random), Up to 500x Summon Stones, Up to 250x Endurance Potions, Up to 500x Stamina Potions, Up to 500x Mana Potions
Paralysing Cloverleaf Chest 99 Gems up to: 4x Loholt Chainwail, 4x Vortigern, 4x Hatebound Crusader, 4x Desdemona, 20x Stamina Potions, 20x Mana Potions, 10x Summon Stones
Revenger Chest RevengerChest.png Arena Broom, Gwar, Brigid, Winter Soldier, Angelic Scout, Hawkeye, Patriotic Donkey, x2 to x15 Summon Stones, 2x to x15x Stamina Potion, x2 to x15 Mana Potion
Scorched Chest Arena Valrrak the Scorched, Infernus, Megion, Crimson Dragonaire, 100x Stamina Potion, 100x Mana Potion, 250 Arena Tickets
Special Forces Chest 10 Gems Lancelot The Young, Arthur the Young, White Knight, Crimson Dragonaire, Rhiannon the Fair, Weapon Master, Veteran Paladin, Myrddin, War, Sir Percival, Scarecrow, King's Guard, 3x Stamina Potion, 3x Mana Potion, 1x Summon Stone
Summon Stone Chest SummonStoneChest.png Gems Summon Stones x2, x5, x10, x100
Temporal 6-Star Chest 299 Gems Day 1-6: Up to 100x Mana/Stamina Potion or random 6* card.

Day 7: random 6* card (Vambrael Fallen, Arthur the Young, Morgana the Young, Ice Overlord, Megion, White Knight)

Temporal Makeup Chest 99 Gems Day 1-5: Up to 100x Mana/Stamina Potion, up to 100x Summon Stones or random 6* card.
Temporal Shadow Chest 125 Gems Day 1-5: Juicifer, Death, Soul Cage, Scarecrow, Ossion the Dread, Dream Eater, Karn, Catigern, Necro Rider, 1x/3x Endurance Potion, 1x/3x Handful of Offerings, 1x/10x Arthurian Pie
Tower Potion Chest 70 Gems up to 20x Endurance Potion
Traitor Treasure Chest 70 Gems Mordred, Vambrael Fallen, Skullflayer Shinobi, Valrakk the Scorched, Arthur the Young, Juicifer, Morgana the Young, Ogrim Deepbrawler, Summon Stone Chest, Mastery Ascension Chest, Mordred's Makeup Chest, 1x Vigor Potion, 1x Spirit Potion
Trial of Ordalia Mystery Chest Gems Wraith-Kin Matron, Icemaw, Balin the Savage, Twilight Arbiter, Drust Mac Erp, Sir Galahad, Blightvine, 5/10x Morgana Makeup Chest, 50/100/200x Summon Stones, 100x Mana Potion, 100x Stamina Potion
Vambrael Prize Box VambraelPrizeBox.png Arena Vambrael Fallen, Golden Vambrael, Vambrael, Guardian Angel, Father Beneficent, Azarel
Underworld Chest Event (Underworld Rescue) Juicifer, Lancelot The Young, Sir Galahad, Balzathor, Sir Kay, Covetous Whelp, Dawnstrike Purifier, Galahad the Pure, Sorrowful Swordsman, The Butcher, Paladin, Harbor Guard, Watchman, Stamina Potions, Mana Potions, Summon Stones
Water Chest / Arena Vortigern, Mist Stalker, Lady of the Lake, Stormcaller, Water Elemental, Ice Mage
Wolf's Pack Chest 65 Gems Arthur Pendragon, Mordred, Caelia of the Fells, Wolfbound Redeemer, Arial, Beast Tamer, Dragon Enchantress, Rock Dragonaire, 20x-100x Stamina Potions, 20x-100x Mana Potions, 5x-50x Summon Stones
Wraith-Kin Prize Box Arena Wraith-Kin Matron, Juicifer, Vambrael Fallen, Scarecrow, Death

Guild Gift Chests

Chest Gift points Possible Outcome
Wooden chest 0 1x Mana potion
Stone chest 35 1x Summon stone, 1x Arthurian pie
Stone chest 140 1x Endurance potion
Iron chest 210 1x Vigor potion, 10x Class coins
Iron chest 420 3x Grail Knight token, 1x Spirit potion
Bronze chest 700 300x Ascension shard, 15x Class coins
Bronze chest 1400 5x Spirit potion, 5x Vigor potion
Silver chest 3500 70x Ascension stone, 20x Class coins, 1x Guild token
Silver chest 5600 35x Divine shard, 35x Primal shard, 35x Malevolent shard
Gold chest 7000 10x Divine soul, 10x Primal soul, 10x Malevolent soul, 4x Guild token
Gold chest (repeatable) every 3000 10x Divine soul, 10x Primal soul, 10x Malevolent soul, 4x Guild token