Heroes of Camelot Wiki

Creatures are the center of the 'Heroes of Camelot' game. By exploring the world, you collect creatures in the form of cards. Each creature has their own characteristics which will indicate their usefulness. The cards vary in ranks 1 trough 7 which usually is referred to as "stars". The rank system indicates the cards quality as a card of higher rank will generally be better than a card of lower rank.  


Name - Depicts the cards name

Rarity - Varies from Common to Legendary (always dependant on the card's rank)

Rank - Shown by the number of stars in the upper left of the card, 1 through 7.

  • 1 star.png are common cards
  • 2 star.png are uncommon cards
  • 3 star.png are rare cards
  • 4 star.png are super rare cards
  • 5 star.png are ultra rare cards
  • 6 star.png are Legendary cards

Level - Cards start out at level 1 with base stats. You level up a card by enhancing it with other cards. As the card gains levels, it's stats increases. Higher rank cards have higher max levels. Rank 6 lvl 60, Rank 5 lvl 50, Rank 4 lvl 40, Rank 3 lvl 30, Rank 2 lvl 20 and Rank 1 lvl 10. You can Evolve all cards which resets them to level 1, increases their base stat (the rate depends on the enhancement of the cards used) and increases their max level by 10. At Tier 4 the card will gain 1 Rank, which increases their max level by a further 10.

Tier - Shown by the green bar toward the bottom of the card. Tiers are gained by evolving two of the same cards. Rank 1 cards can only reach Tier 2 (one evolution), Rank 2 cards can reach Tier 3 (two evolutions), and any cards Rank 3 or higher can reach Tier 4 (three evolutions).

Max Level - Indicates the highest level the card can achieve for the tier it's currently at. 

HP - Hit Points or Health Points; this is how much life a card has, in other words how much damage it can take.

Attack (Crossed swords icon) - how much damage a card can do with physical attacks.

Mana Cost (Blue potion icon) - the cost of using the card in mana. 

Skill (Name of the Skill) - Describes the function of the cards skill, often activated by fullfilling different scenarios. Grows stronger by enhancing your card, as well as evolving it.  

Combinations - Most cards form a combo with other cards. By doing so, the team can gain favorable bonuses to further strengthen your deck. Combinations are shown at the bottom of the card. By tapping the icons, the full details of the conditions for the combination are depicted.